5 Amazing Reasons to Study Nursing This Year!

I’ve posted about the reasons why you should avoid studying nursing several times.

The truth of the matter is nursing is a very important and respectable career path.

Many people find lifelong success and true fulfilment studying nursing.

Here are some of the reasons why.

Guaranteed job opportunity

Nurses are often guaranteed jobs upon completing their compulsory training and placement periods.

Unlike most degrees where multiple applicants apply for the same role, nurses are typically guaranteed their work roles due to the high shortage of working nurses across the country.

This is far more attractive than completing a degree and then beginning the gruelling task of interview preparation against tens if not hundreds of other candidates vying for the same position.

This is usually the case when participants choose to study Allied healthcare courses and courses such as biomedical science, by biochemistry, pharmacy, and the physician associate role.

Respectable career choice

Like many other healthcare courses nursing is a respected a career undertaking since it directly benefits the health of the population.

It is also a highly well-regarded profession amongst peers and family members.

As such, nurses can benefit from certain healthcare discounts such as from gyms, clothing stores, and restaurants. The blue light card is often the main way to get healthcare discounts.

You may additionally get special privileges and gifts from family members and friends who are thankful for your service!

Nurses definitely don’t get enough credit for their commitment and dedication to patient care, however this is slowly changing.

Good pay

The average starting salary for a nurse is £24,000 in the U.K.

This puts them in an already favourable position since most university graduates struggle to find minimum wage jobs after graduation.

Furthermore once a nurse begins gaining skills and experience, this wage quickly rises to £30,000+ where they can begin taking on more responsibilities and earn seniority amongst newer peers.

There isn’t much competition to get hired, and therefore if you’re a nurse who isn’t too worried about where you practise, you will certainly find a job soon after becoming registered.

Short training period

In comparison to other healthcare courses such as medicine and pharmacy, nurses have a relatively shorter training period before employment.

Usually there is a three year training period at university, however with the introduction of new two year Masters programs nurses can begin looking for work much sooner than their other healthcare counterparts.

If time to employment is important to you, nursing is definitely a good pathway to follow since training is relatively fast.

Career diversity

Nurses have amazing career diversity after become registered.

Most nurses choose to specialise and stay in their field of interest after university, however the diversity of roles are immense for nurses who wish to change things up.

Nurses may choose to go into research and become research nurses. These nurses are most often providing care for patients undergoing clinical trials.

For registered nurses interested in conducting their own research, they may choose to specialise in Public health research!

The opportunities are endless!

Of course the usual routes for midwife, neonatal care nurse, paediatric nurse, cardiology, respiratory, theatre, orthopaedic, ODP, critical care and psychiatric nurse are still available!

The sky is the limit with nursing, however you must promise yourself that you will endure the rough and arduous training if you chose to embark on yoinked nursing journey!

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