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Why Distance learning Will Never Beat Regular Classroom Learning

Distance learning is simply a mode of study that allows students to learn in the comfort of their own homes, rather than having to attend a regular brick and mortar classroom for lectures and seminars. In these times, distance learning is becoming increasingly more relevant

Why You Should Definitely Study Biomedical Science This Year!

Biomedical science has gotten a bad rep in the past due to the high unemployment rates that graduates face directly after leaving the course. These days, most university courses will require you to give an arm and a leg to find work directly after your

Why a Degree in Sociology Isn’t As Useless As You Think!

Sociology is the study of social interactions, common culture, race relations and societal constructs. This field essentially analyses humans at a personal level, taking into account how social, gender, racial, personal, and romantic identity can affect our relations with the people around us. People who

3 Important Reasons Why Psychology is a Valuable Degree to Study

The general opinion of psychology yields a split decision from students and parents alike. Most people seem to have a negative opinion psychology degrees, claiming it’s somewhat of a pseudo-science for the educationally illiterate. Most people confuse psychiatry with psychology. This mix up leads students

5 Reasons Why Studying a Music Degree Might Be a Bad Idea Right Now

Music is the analysis of instrumental sounds, performance, composition, theory and notation. A BA in music will offer graduates the opportunity to work within the music industry, exploring music technology, psychology, ensemble rehearsals, and many more! The most important questions when it comes to choosing

5 Reasons Why Studying an English Degree Might Not Be Entirely Useless

Studying for a BA in English is becoming increasingly popular amongst school-leavers however this choice is met with plenty of opposition from teachers, fellow classmates, and most importantly parents. The general presumption about English is you will end up paying steep school fees (around the

Accredited vs non-accredited biomedical science degrees, which is better?

Accreditation is a hot topic in the biomedical science community and student often wonders whether studying at an accredited university offers better job opportunities when compared to the alternative. Often these alternative universities are high-quality research universities that lack IBMS accreditation but offer alternative accreditations