The True Value of A Doctor’s Salary

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A doctor’s salary is not as high as many people think. In fact, when you compare it to other professions, it’s actually quite low. One may argue that what doctors lack in salary, they make up for in job satisfaction. A doctor’s job is to save lives and help people, and that is something that … Read more

50 Science GK Biology Questions and...
50 Science GK Biology Questions and Answer in English General Science GK Biology GK Questions

Why It is Significantly Harder To Study Medicine As a Second Degree!

If you’re considering a second degree in medicine, you may be wondering if it’s worth the extra effort. After all, medicine is already a challenging field, and doing one degree just to get to another challenging one may be an unnecessary struggle. But there are some good reasons to pursue a second degree in medicine, … Read more

Why your fears of medical school is absolutely normal

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If you’re feeling anxious about starting medical school, you’re not alone. In fact, it’s perfectly normal to feel a little scared about embarking on such a challenging journey. But don’t worry, there are plenty of people who have been through it before and come out on the other side. It’s normal to feel scared about … Read more

5 Genuine Reasons Why You Should Become a Physician Associate Instead of a Doctor

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Making the decision on whether to study to become a doctor, or a physician associate can be a daunting and often intimidating prospect. On the one hand, doctors are more well known and have been around for longer, but on the other, the PA role is new and quite promising! But which is best? Why … Read more

Paramedic Studies Vs Medical School, What’s the Difference?

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There are many differences between paramedic studies and medical school. Paramedic studies focus on emergency medical care, while medical school focuses on all aspects of medicine. It’s a surprise that the two can ever be confused, however, it is also understandable since both are medical professionals responsible for the health and wellbeing of their patients. … Read more

Why 507 in The MCAT Might Be Good Enough!

The MCAT is one of the most important exams for entry into medical school in the US. But what score will get you a place at med school, and is 507 enough? What is the MCAT? The MCAT is a standardized, multiple-choice test administered by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). It is required … Read more

Medicine vs biomedical science, which is better?

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The decision of what degree to pursue can be difficult. For those interested in pursuing a career in the medical field, there is often some crossover between medicine and biomedical science degrees. Both degrees allow for specialization in a particular area of medicine, but there are some differences that may help you decide which degree … Read more

Top 3 Physician Associate Interview Questions To Practice!

With the events of the pandemic, the majority of physician associate interviews are now held remotely. Usually, some PA schools adopt an MMI style of interviews similar to what medical school students have to take. MMIs are quite difficult to coordinate through a video call especially if there are tens or hundreds of students to … Read more

6 Genuine Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Bother Going to Medical school!

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While it’s clear that parents usually want the best for their children, medical school really isn’t for everyone even if your parents think you should apply. Let’s be honest, thousands of people choose to apply for medicine every year but the vast majority of applicants will fail to even secure an interview let alone get … Read more

Physician Associate Vs Doctor, which is better?

Both the physician associate program and the medicine program train aspiring students to practice via the medical model to treat patients and uphold values of their respective professions. There is often discussion about which profession is best for students, and which offers the least stress both at university and on the job. So, physician associate … Read more