Does a Postgraduate Degree Help You Earn More Money?

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  • Does a Postgraduate Degree Help You Earn More Money?

After completing my undergraduate degree in biomedical science, I found myself pondering a common question among recent graduates: does pursuing a postgraduate degree lead to higher-paying jobs and increased career success?

Is it possible to “study your way” to better positions and greater earning potential, even without extensive work experience? In my pursuit of answers, I embarked on a postgraduate journey, earning a master’s degree in public health with a research focus.

The insights I gained along the way might not be what you expect.

Does a postgraduate degree really help you earn more money?

The Value of an Undergraduate Degree

In today’s job market, many entry-level positions are accessible with just an undergraduate degree. For some roles, experience indeed holds more weight than additional academic qualifications.

Hence, fresh graduates are often encouraged to consider entry-level positions to gain that essential experience. However, there’s a catch – these positions are highly competitive, with dozens, if not hundreds, of applicants vying for the same roles.

Navigating the Entry-Level Application Jungle

The reality is that landing an entry-level job can be akin to navigating a jungle filled with fierce competition. This fierce competition often leads to frustration and disappointment for job seekers.

Your application may be one among a hundred others, making it challenging for recruiters to notice your potential.

Subject-Specific Advantage

This is where postgraduate degrees come into play. While not essential for many positions, they have a unique advantage: they help you stand out from the crowd when applying for entry-level or mid-level roles.

A postgraduate degree demonstrates your commitment to a specific field and your dedication to acquiring in-depth knowledge. It serves as a testament to your readiness to contribute to a particular sector.

Subject-specific applications in niche areas often attract fewer candidates. Consequently, your chances of securing interviews and job offers improve significantly.

Employers are more likely to favour candidates with postgraduate qualifications in areas directly related to the job requirements.

Balancing Qualifications

One valid concern is the risk of being deemed overqualified. This can happen when you hold a postgraduate degree for a position that requires only an undergraduate/high school education.

In such cases, and with few other options it can sometimes be advisable to leave your postgraduate degree off the application entirely.

However, if your postgraduate degree aligns with the job’s specialization, it can be viewed as a form of specialized work experience. This is particularly true for roles that emphasize technical or industry-specific knowledge.

Postgraduate Degrees: The Career Catalyst

In summary, while a postgraduate degree is not a prerequisite for many job positions that only demand an undergraduate degree, it can significantly enhance your prospects.

It can help you break through the crowded field of entry-level applicants and secure interviews. Furthermore, once you secure those positions, your postgraduate degree can serve as a valuable asset when seeking better-paying jobs or negotiating salary increases.


The journey to success in the job market is multifaceted. While experience remains invaluable, postgraduate degrees offer a unique advantage by helping you stand out during the application process.

They can certainly be a valuable asset for securing entry-level positions and advancing your career in the long run.

So, does a postgraduate degree help you make more money? It may not guarantee wealth, but it certainly opens doors and increases your probability of success in a competitive job market.

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