What Studying Biomedical Science Has Taught Me

This blog post was written over a duration of 3 years to document my experience studying biomedical science. First-year – Jam-packed It is July 2016 and I have just completed what was a very stressful and jam-packed first year. The course content itself is very

Why a Degree in Sociology Isn’t As Useless As You Think!

Sociology is the study of social interactions, common culture, race relations and societal constructs. This field essentially analyses humans at a personal level, taking into account how social, gender, racial, personal, and romantic identity can affect our relations with the people around us. People who

Accredited vs non-accredited biomedical science degrees, which is better?

Accreditation is a hot topic in the biomedical science community and student often wonders whether studying at an accredited university offers better job opportunities when compared to the alternative. Often these alternative universities are high-quality research universities that lack IBMS accreditation but offer alternative accreditations