[MacOS Error] – Compressor does not support running in a macos virtual machine

A very annoying issue to encounter – the error notice “Compressor does not support running in a macos virtual machine” simply means that the Compressor software, typically used for video compression and processing on macOS, is not designed to run within a virtual machine environment. For students who enjoy their video editing, this can be…

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Does a Postgraduate Degree Help You Earn More Money?

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After completing my undergraduate degree in biomedical science, I found myself pondering a common question among recent graduates: does pursuing a postgraduate degree lead to higher-paying jobs and increased career success? Is it possible to “study your way” to better positions and greater earning potential, even without extensive work experience? In my pursuit of answers,…

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Is Studying a Biomedical Science Degree Hard?

So, you’re considering studying biomedical science, but you’re wondering just how hard it can be. It’s a valid concern and one that deserves a thorough response. As someone who has journeyed through the realm of biomedical science, I can assure you that it’s not overly complex. However, that doesn’t mean it’s a walk in the park either.  Biomedical science…

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Is Biomedical Science a Good Degree?

If you’re someone who’s passionate about the intersection of health and science, you may find yourself considering a degree in Biomedical Science. But is it a good degree?  “Biomedical Science straddles the boundary between the laboratory and the clinic, offering a critical basis for the understanding and application of medical science.” 5 Reasons Why Biomedical…

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Biomedical Science or Biomedical Engineering, Which is better?

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Biomedical science and Biomedical engineering are both fields that utilise knowledge of medicine and knowledge of modern scientific advancements to understand and enhance human health. Although these fields vary considerably, some students might be grappling with the choice of which one to study. It is important to evaluate several factors including course difficulty, job availability,…

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Oliver’s Creativity | Smart Uni Stories

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Not everyone is given a fair shot. Sometimes our greatest shot we have is the attention and investment we put in ourselves. Oliver’s Creativity In a bustling neighborhood, there lived a boy named Oliver. Oliver was constantly surrounded by other kids who seemed to have more than him—fancy computers, tablets, and all the latest technological…

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University Students Cost of Living Crisis | University News

A recent study conducted by the Russell Group Students’ Unions, representing 24 prestigious higher education institutions in the UK, has revealed that one in five students at these universities are contemplating dropping out due to the cost of living crisis. The research highlights the severe impact of soaring prices on students, particularly those from disadvantaged…

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