Pharmacology vs Pharmacy, Which is Better?

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Pharmacology and pharmacy are two similar, yet different careers that people may consider pursuing. Both careers revolve around drugs and their administration of them to patients. Pharmacology is the study of drugs and their effects, while pharmacy is the practical application of pharmacology. So which career is better for you? What is Pharmacy? Pharmacy is … Read more

How to Become a Medical Technologist with a Biology Degree

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Medical technologists are responsible for performing medical laboratory tests to aid in diagnosing illness. They use a variety of instruments and techniques to examine body fluids, tissues, and cells. To become a medical technologist, you will need a bachelor’s degree in medical technology or a related field such as biology. You will learn how to … Read more

5 Depressing Reasons Why Some Nurses Want To Leave Their Jobs!

Being a nurse isn’t a simple task. Apart from the obstacles that have got to be overcome just to get a license, many difficulties must be overcome even when getting into a true work environment. Some nurses are professionally successful while some nurses are turning to other directions. It’s common for nurses to quit their … Read more

7 Amazing Public Health Jobs You Can Get After Getting an MPH Master’s Degree

Public health is an extremely rewarding field to work in! Life-saving decisions are made by public health professionals around the world. Decisions that influence populations and hopefully make the world a better and healthier place. An MPH is often the starting point for a career in public health, although work experience can lead you down … Read more

5 Amazing Reasons Why Biomedical Science is a Truly Amazing Degree To Study

Biomedical science has gotten a bad rep in the past due to the high unemployment rates that graduates face directly after leaving the course. These days, most university courses will require you to give an arm and a leg to find work directly after your undergraduate studies. This means that biomedical science has been unfairly … Read more

5 Reasons Why Studying a Music Degree Might Be a Bad Idea Right Now

Music is the analysis of instrumental sounds, performance, composition, theory and notation. A BA in music will offer graduates the opportunity to work within the music industry, exploring music technology, psychology, ensemble rehearsals, and many more! The most important questions when it comes to choosing a degree in music is how many jobs are honestly … Read more

5 Reasons Why Studying an English Degree Might Not Be Entirely Useless

Studying for a BA in English is becoming increasingly popular amongst school-leavers however this choice is met with plenty of opposition from teachers, fellow classmates, and most importantly parents. The general presumption about English is you will end up paying steep school fees (around the tune of £40,000 in total) but still not get a … Read more

5 Important Tips on How To Become a Doctor After Studying Biomedical Science

It is a fact that a large proportion of students studying biomedical science eventually want to transition onto a medical program after they graduate. This doesn’t de-value biomedical science in any way, in fact, using biomedical science as a gateway course is very much encouraged by future employers since the degree on its own isn’t … Read more

6 Highly Successful routes To Finding Work Right After Studying Biomedical Science – Best Strategy!

Finding a job after studying a biomedical science degree is usually the most important thing on the mind of a potential BMS graduate. The fear for many is that once they enrol on a biomedical science program, they will graduate with a useless degree and be forced to pivot into another entirely different field. While … Read more