Biomedical Science or Biomedical Engineering, Which is better?

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Biomedical science and Biomedical engineering are both fields that utilise knowledge of medicine and knowledge of modern scientific advancements to understand and enhance human health. Although these fields vary considerably, some students might be grappling with the choice of which one to study. It is important to evaluate several factors including course difficulty, job availability,…

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Pharmacology vs Pharmacy, Which is Better?

Pharmacology and pharmacy are two similar, yet different careers that people may consider pursuing. Both careers revolve around drugs and their administration of them to patients. Pharmacology is the study of drugs and their effects, while pharmacy is the practical application of pharmacology. So which career is better for you? What is Pharmacy? Pharmacy is…

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Medicine vs biomedical science, which is better?

The decision of what degree to pursue can be difficult. For those interested in pursuing a career in the medical field, there is often some crossover between medicine and biomedical science degrees. Both degrees allow for specialization in a particular area of medicine, but there are some differences that may help you decide which degree…

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Physician Associate MSc Vs Physician Associate PGDip, Which is Better?

The physician associate program is offered as both a full master’s program and a postgraduate diploma. Often students get confused about which to choose or which is better in terms of becoming a qualified physician associate. Difference between the physician associate MSc and PGDip? The difference between the Physician Associate MSc and PGDip is that…

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Healthcare Science vs Biomedical Science, which is Better?

Healthcare science and biomedical science are often paired together when talking about degrees you can do to become a biomedical scientist. Biomedical science and healthcare science are separate courses that have a lot of overlap, however they are structured slightly differently. Let’s explore the main differences between these two courses. Healthcare science vs Biomedical science…

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Physician Associate Vs Doctor, which is better?

Both the physician associate program and the medicine program train aspiring students to practice via the medical model to treat patients and uphold values of their respective professions. There is often discussion about which profession is best for students, and which offers the least stress both at university and on the job. So, physician associate…

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Accredited vs non-accredited biomedical science degrees, which is better?

Accreditation is a hot topic in the biomedical science community and student often wonders whether studying at an accredited university offers better job opportunities when compared to the alternative. Often these alternative universities are high-quality research universities that lack IBMS accreditation but offer alternative accreditations from the society of biology or chemistry. This can be…

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Biomedical Science Vs Biology degree, Which Is Better?

Biomedical science has been getting a bad rep recently (hopefully not entirely because of this site) but how does it compare to its parent science, Biology? In this article, we will discuss which topics each degree explores, the job prospects after undergraduate and postgraduate studies, the difficulty level of each, and the overall superiority of…

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