How Much Do Physician Associates Get Paid?

Physician associate pay is always an interesting topic. PAs are handsomely compensated for their work however some may complain that their earning potential is capped too low. How much do PAs get paid Physician associates should expect to start earning £32,000 in their first role. This is assuming you work a typical week which ranges … Read more

Physician Associate MSc Vs Physician Associate PGDip, Which is Better?

The physician associate program is offered as both a full master’s program and a postgraduate diploma. Often students get confused about which to choose or which is better in terms of becoming a qualified physician associate. Difference between the physician associate MSc and PGDip? The difference between the Physician Associate MSc and PGDip is that … Read more

10 of The Most Important Physician Associate Interview Questions You Might Be Asked!

The physician associate course is an amazing opportunity to work alongside doctors and other healthcare professionals in a patient facing environment. Physician associates increase the number of healthcare professionals working to see and treat patients, while offering a more stable presence in clinic, outpatient centres, and wards than locum or trainee doctors. As such, the … Read more

Top 3 Physician Associate Interview Questions To Practice!

With the events of the pandemic, the majority of physician associate interviews are now held remotely. Usually, some PA schools adopt an MMI style of interviews similar to what medical school students have to take. MMIs are quite difficult to coordinate through a video call especially if there are tens or hundreds of students to … Read more

Why Physician Associates are paid more than Doctors in The U.K!

The physician associate program is quickly gaining popularity in the U.K. with competition levels rivalling that of most medical programs! People see the physician associate role as their way to contribute to healthcare, practice medicine, and secure a good career, all without the need to become a doctor. Even though physician associates have fewer responsibilities … Read more

Physician Associate Vs Doctor, which is better?

Both the physician associate program and the medicine program train aspiring students to practice via the medical model to treat patients and uphold values of their respective professions. There is often discussion about which profession is best for students, and which offers the least stress both at university and on the job. So, physician associate … Read more

What is a Physician Associate, and Should You Become One?

A “Physician associate” is a relatively new role that started in America several decades ago and has finally made its way to the United Kingdom. It promises to alleviate some of the stress put on doctors, and directly address the shortage of doctors within the healthcare system. In this article, we will explore the roles … Read more