How to Become a Medical Technologist with a Biology Degree

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Medical technologists are responsible for performing medical laboratory tests to aid in diagnosing illness. They use a variety of instruments and techniques to examine body fluids, tissues, and cells. To become a medical technologist, you will need a bachelor’s degree in medical technology or a related field such as biology. You will learn how to … Read more

Is Biochemistry A Well-Respected Degree?

Most students who consider a subject like biomedical science will also consider studying biochemistry. People are typically concerned about whether biochemistry will offer them a good path into full-time employment and a life-long career. Here are 4 reasons why biochemistry is actually a fairly well-respect degree, with decent job prospect! Incredibly wide scope for field … Read more

Accredited vs non-accredited biomedical science degrees, which is better?

Accreditation is a hot topic in the biomedical science community and student often wonders whether studying at an accredited university offers better job opportunities when compared to the alternative. Often these alternative universities are high-quality research universities that lack IBMS accreditation but offer alternative accreditations from the society of biology or chemistry. This can be … Read more

6 Highly Successful routes To Finding Work Right After Studying Biomedical Science – Best Strategy!

Finding a job after studying a biomedical science degree is usually the most important thing on the mind of a potential BMS graduate. The fear for many is that once they enrol on a biomedical science program, they will graduate with a useless degree and be forced to pivot into another entirely different field. While … Read more

5 Clear-Cut Reasons Not to Study Biochemistry

Biochemistry BSc is taught in most UK universities nowadays and focuses on giving students knowledge about biological macromolecules, and how they can undergo chemical and biophysical changes, enabling the body to function properly. This includes learning the basics of core organic and physical chemistry, physiology, and metabolic pathways that occur inside cells. A typical Biochemistry … Read more

The True Safety and side effects of Gadolinium as Contrast Agent for MRI

side effects of gadolinium

Gadolinium is a highly toxic metal that is currently a popular choice in healthcare for increasing the quality of images taken by MRI machines. Gadolinium-based contrast agents as they are known are often used for taking a better look at blood vessels and the brain. Several reports of patients who had undergone an imaging procedure … Read more