WordPress.com Blaze Ads Experience Review – Not Really Impressive

When it comes to online advertising, finding the right platform is crucial for the success of any campaign. In my quest for an effective advertising solution, I decided to give Blaze Ads on WordPress.com a try. Unfortunately, my experience with this service was far from impressive, and I believe it’s essential to share my thoughts with others who might be considering it.

First and foremost, the cost associated with Blaze Ads is considerably high. What’s frustrating is that you’re charged based on impressions, regardless of whether the viewer takes any action on the ad or not. In my seven-day trial period, I found that this pricing model often meant paying for views that didn’t translate into increased site activity. Despite my investment, my site’s traffic remained stagnant, not showing any significant growth beyond its usual levels.

Overall I only paid $25 so it wasn’t a big campaign, however I’d still expect more than 50 clicks, or at least a noticeable uptick in traffic which never came.

Additionally, one of the major drawbacks of Blaze Ads is their lackluster customer support. Dealing with any issues or queries became an uphill battle. Particularly disappointing was the realization that if you’re using Blaze Ads through the hosted WordPress platform and not a paying WordPress.com user, you won’t have access to any support. You’ll be stuck getting tech support from a chat bot.

Never mind trying to get any help from the forum which is not recommended, as you may expose private information about your site accidentally, and not be able to remove your post without contacting a mod…and it’s hard to get in touch with anyone… so the cycle of dependence continues.

This lack of assistance further adds to the overall frustration of using the service.

Taking all these factors into account, I cannot wholeheartedly recommend Blaze Ads. However, whether it’s suitable for your specific needs depends on your content and advertising goals. If you still wish to try it despite the drawbacks, I’d advise limiting your trial period to just one or two days instead of the recommended week. Results seem to vary greatly depending on individual goals, but based on my experience, a shorter trial might save you from unnecessary expenses and disappointment.

In conclusion, Blaze Ads on WordPress.com left me dissatisfied and questioning its worth. For those seeking a reliable and cost-effective advertising platform, I would recommend exploring other options before committing to Blaze Ads.

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