Top 3 Physician Associate Interview Questions To Practice!

With the events of the pandemic, the majority of physician associate interviews are now held remotely. Usually, some PA schools adopt an MMI style of interviews similar to what medical school students have to take. MMIs are quite difficult to coordinate through a video call especially if there are tens or hundreds of students to … Read more

6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Study History At University!

Why you shouldn’t study history Hard time finding work While it is true that history graduates are notoriously amongst the most sought after graduates in general, it remains a fact that if you wish to work amongst other historians, you are unlikely to find work anytime soon. History related jobs are more or less confined … Read more

Why Physician Associates are paid more than Doctors in The U.K!

The physician associate program is quickly gaining popularity in the U.K. with competition levels rivalling that of most medical programs! People see the physician associate role as their way to contribute to healthcare, practice medicine, and secure a good career, all without the need to become a doctor. Even though physician associates have fewer responsibilities … Read more

Healthcare Science vs Biomedical Science, which is Better?

Healthcare science and biomedical science are often paired together when talking about degrees you can do to become a biomedical scientist. Biomedical science and healthcare science are separate courses that have a lot of overlap, however they are structured slightly differently. Let’s explore the main differences between these two courses. Healthcare science vs Biomedical science … Read more

Should You study MPH Public Health Degree Online or in Person

Doing a Masters in public health is a pretty big undertaking for any student hoping to make a difference in the healthcare sector. One of the biggest decisions aspiring students must make is deciding on studying the course via distance learning, or via in-person classroom learning. The increased demand to deliver course content online, brought … Read more

5 Simple Reasons Why You Definitely Shouldn’t Study Nursing

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with studying nursing, certain traits and characteristics of the degree/career make it difficult to sustain in the long run. Nurses often complain to each other about issues that they face while on the job, however the general public usually ignores what seems to be a cry for help. It’s … Read more

5 Amazing Budget Phones That are Extremely Affordable And Make Perfect Gifts

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5 Amazing Reasons to Study Nursing This Year!

I’ve posted about the reasons why you should avoid studying nursing several times. The truth of the matter is nursing is a very important and respectable career path. Many people find lifelong success and true fulfilment studying nursing. Here are some of the reasons why. Guaranteed job opportunity Nurses are often guaranteed jobs upon completing … Read more

Three genuine reasons why I loved studying my biomedical science degree

While in the past I may have written many negative things about my experiences studying biomedical science, my general outlook on the degree has never been totally cynical! Having been out of the degree for several years now, I have had some time to reflect on my biomedical science experiences. This has led me to … Read more

Six Genuine Reasons To Avoid Studying a Public Health MPH Degree

With the recent pandemic, public health has been getting a lot of attention. Many students are now considering whether a career in public health is for them or not. Having done a public health degree, it can be tricky to advise people without being biased to the benefits of the discipline. In this post, however, … Read more