Is public health difficult?

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It is common for students to ask whether something is difficult before they embark on a journey. It is however important to understand that subject difficulty shouldn’t prevent you from doing something.

It is also important to understand that something that is difficult to one person may be easy for you!

Public health is a difficult degree – especially depending on where you study it!

If you are studying at a university with a focus in maths and statistics, you may struggle if these aren’t your strong suits.

Generally public health degrees are formed of several smaller disciplines such as epidemiology, health statistics, global health, and research in equal proportion.

However, in practice, the large diversity of modules make it tougher to understand all aspects when it comes to exams.

Public health degrees are usually masters programs that require dissertations at the end of the year.

Many students struggle to write the required 16,000 words needed for a dissertation and therefore end up failing prematurely.

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