5 Simple Reasons Why You Definitely Shouldn’t Study Nursing

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with studying nursing, certain traits and characteristics of the degree/career make it difficult to sustain in the long run. Nurses often complain to each other about issues that they face while on the job, however the general public usually ignores what seems to be a cry for help. It’s … Read more

5 Amazing Reasons to Study Nursing This Year!

I’ve posted about the reasons why you should avoid studying nursing several times. The truth of the matter is nursing is a very important and respectable career path. Many people find lifelong success and true fulfilment studying nursing. Here are some of the reasons why. Guaranteed job opportunity Nurses are often guaranteed jobs upon completing … Read more

5 Depressing Reasons Why Some Nurses Want To Leave Their Jobs!

Being a nurse isn’t a simple task. Apart from the obstacles that have got to be overcome just to get a license, many difficulties must be overcome even when getting into a true work environment. Some nurses are professionally successful while some nurses are turning to other directions. It’s common for nurses to quit their … Read more