Top 5 Extremely Affordable Meals For University Students

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As a university student, affordability and proper budgeting should always be on your mind!

What you cook is no exception.

Groceries make up a significant part of your weekly spending budget and with the current cost of living crisis, it is important to be mindful of your spending.

Meal prepping is a good way to monitor and maintain a predictable food budget.

Here are some affordable meals you can cook and cycle through during the week – easily adaptable to your own palette.

Peanut butter and honey sandwiches

Peanut butter and honey sandwiches have been a staple for most gym goers in need of cheap food to bulk (gain weight) with.

They are incredibly simple and quick to make while you’re on the go or relaxing after a heavy gym session.

Simply buy yourself a loaf of bread (£1.20), a tub of peanut butter (£2.50), and any squeezable honey (£2.20).

One slice of bread has a healthy spread of peanut butter, the other has honey.

A quick snack and it only took you 30 seconds to make!

My personal favourite is brown bread and a warm glass of almond milk! Don’t knock it till you try it!

Spaghetti and Bacon with cherry tomato sauce

Another quick meal that you can make in under 10 mins – spaghetti and bacon with tomato sauce is a staple for cooks who are a little rough around the edges but still appreciate good flavours.

Use one pack of spaghetti – in boiling water (salted) for 5-8 mins.

While this is going (it must be at the same time), chop some cherry tomatoes (half is fine) into a pan with a healthy dollop of butter (or olive oil if you’re feeling healthy).

Add some salt to the tomatoes (only a pinch), and then add the bacon – let this cook for around 4 minutes and mix until (the water content) is reduced slightly.

Add the spaghetti into your tomato sauce and a few tablespoons of the pasta water.

Enjoy while hot! – a few rough tears of parsley on top makes it look fancier!

Tortillas with beef liver and lamb heart skewers

For the more adventurous folks out there – beef liver and lamb heart skewers may be right up your ally.

You can usually enjoy this with any carb such as rice, sweet potatoes, or regular potatoes (buttered of course).

You need to cut up your meat into pieces, line them on a skewer, and add your favourite seasoning.

Put in the over for around 30 mins (mark 6) or until cooked, make sure to baste with your favourite oil in 10-minute increments.

A barbecue instead of the oven is preferable!

Enjoy this with some fresh vegetables (yellow peppers, onions, and chilli’s) some tortillas, and fresh guacamole.

Sweet potatoes salad

Essentially a potato salad without the white potatoes.

Here is a great recipe for a sweet potato salad.

Sweet potatoes are very affordable and if you want to be fancy, always get organic – it really makes a difference in terms of taste!

Rice and chicken wings with gravy

Rice is a safe go to for most, and so are chicken wings!

Combine the two and you have the best grub for a chill night in!

Cook your rice (in a rice cooker you stole from home of course).

Put some lovely nandos rub over your chicken wings and stick them in an air fryer for 20 mins.

If you don’t have an air fryer, boil your chicken with some salt and spices, then deep fry your chicken in some vegetable oil, or shallow fry in butter.


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