9 Tricks on How To Get Very Low Insurance Legally As a New Driver

Car insurance is one of the most annoying things to get right since there are so many providers, comparison sites, and so many tricks to be aware of.

As students we often feel that getting our license is the end goal, but really, you also need to have a car, and an insurer.

In fact, this can be the most expensive part of driving, regardless of how much you already spent taking lessons or getting a car.

Learner’s insurance can range anywhere from £1500 to £8000 a year!

This is such a massive range because of people applying for insurance at different ages, in different locations, and via different companies!

There are however various tricks you may utilize to get the absolute lowest price as a newly qualified driver.

Trick #1 – Use at least 3 comparison sites

Use at least 3 comparison sites

If you only use one comparison site, you may be missing out on amazing deals.

Each comparison site has its own set of questions and criteria that it checks for.

They are usually all very similar but if you use multiple, you will see some slight differences in the way they ask the questions.

This feeds into their algorithms and brings up unique prices, which sometimes are vastly different to each other even though the insurer is the same.

Always check different comparison sites.

The following are a good place to start:

trick #2 – Insure a Reasonable Car

Insure a Reasonable Car

Please don’t try and insure an extremely old, or extremely new car!

Something simple like the vauxhall astra from 2011 or the humble vauxhall corsa would do.

you can also go with the Audi A1 or ford fiesta if you are feeling particularly adventurous but insurance may be slightly higher depending on the year of manufacture and purchase.

The idea is always go with a simple relatively cheap first car so you won’t be too upset if you scratch or hit a wall with it.

Trick #3 – Use reasonable mileage

Use reasonable mileage

Always put in a reasonable mileage when prompted by the comparison site.

It is unlikely that you are going to drive 15,000 miles in a year!

Likewise you aren’t going to be driving 1000 miles in a year either!

An average estimate would be anywhere from 5000 miles to 8000 miles for the regular “newly qualified” driver.

Trick #4 – Always go with fully comprehensive

Always go with fully comprehensive

Insurers are always competing on the price of fully comprehensive covers.

This drives down costs to the point where a less inclusive cover might actually be more expensive than a comprehensive cover.

slightly counter-intuitive but always go for the comprehensive cover if you want to save some money.

Trick #5 – Check direct-line, Aviva, and Churchill separately

Check direct-line, Aviva, and Churchill separately

Always check direct-line, Aviva, and Churchill separately as these insurers don’t always show up on comparison sites.

They often have special prices for young drivers aimed 25 and under so it’s something to always check before purchasing a plan from a regular comparison site.

Trick #6 – Add experienced named drivers on your cover

Add experienced named drivers on your cover

The best way to crush your insurance premiums down is by adding as many named drivers as you have access to.

The longer they’ve been driving the better.

This essentially tells the insurance company that you will be driving the car less, and therefore less likely to do any silly “new driver” mistakes that may lead to an accident and therefore a claim.

Adding the following to your claim will drastically reduce your yearly cost for the cover:

  • Both Parents – Bonus points if they have been driving for more than 10 years!
  • Brothers and Sisters – Bonus points if they have been driving for more than 5 years
  • Close Family and Friends – Also bonus points if they have been driving for more than 5 years

Only add people who are likely to drive the car at some point, otherwise, it’s technically fraudulent.

This should significantly decrease your yearly cover to something resembling £700 – £1500 depending on your area, age, and car.

Trick #7 – don’t bother with a black box

don’t bother with a black box

You probably weren’t considering taking out a black box plan, but if you are don’t.

Their low prices can often be deceiving as there can be a hidden cost associated, but even then, black-box plans are a no-no for newly qualified drivers.

They are basically devices designed to spy on you and prove that you are in breach of your insurance policy every time you try and make a claim.

Avoid them like the plague, and lower your premiums with our good old-fashioned tips mentioned above.

These tips have been tried and tested to produce amazing results on several occasions!

Trick #8 – don’t get insured on the same day as you’re making the quote

don’t get insured on the same day as you’re making the quote

One of the last tips is to make sure you don’t take out a quote the same day you are searching for a policy.

Insurance typically runs cheaper when you give the insurer time to process your detail.

New drivers are eager to get on the road immediately they pass, but it’s important that you set your insurance to start a week ahead of when you make the policy, ensuring that it’s on a weekday.

Trick #9 – Go direct to the provider once you’re happy with the cost

Go direct to the provider once you’re happy with the cost

Finally once you have found a cover with a price you like, check directly on the insurer’s website.

Often it works out cheaper than just purchasing from a comparison site since there is a slight markup on comparison sites for affiliate purposes.

Make sure to enter the information exactly as you did on the comparison site.

If the price is coming out different or much higher, you haven’t entered the information as you did before.


Do all these things and hopefully you will avoid paying £4000+ in insurance payments every year!

Insurance covers are tricky and you must ensure that you are paying the correct non-overpriced fee while keeping everything 100% legal.

Happy browsing and congratulations for passing your test!

The hard part is over, now comes the expensive part!

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