Why wouldn’t you want to study Italian?

should you study Italian?

A degree in Italian can provide students with a strong foundation in the language, literature, and culture of Italy. The coursework for a degree in Italian typically includes classes on grammar, conversation, and composition, as well as literature and culture. Students who complete a degree in Italian often go on to careers in teaching, translation, interpretation, publishing, and diplomacy.

If you want to know if Italian is the right degree for you, read on.


A typical Italian degree in the UK would include a three-year undergraduate programme, followed by a one-year Master’s degree. The undergraduate programme would cover a broad range of topics such as Italian language and literature, history, politics and culture. The Master’s degree would allow students to specialise in a particular area of interest, such as Renaissance studies or contemporary Italian cinema.

Topics You Might Encounter

  • Italian history
  • Italian culture
  • Italian art
  • Italian literature
  • Italian politics

Should you study Italian

If you are interested in European travel, you should definitely consider studying Italian. Italy is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, and knowing some Italian will make your trip that much more enjoyable. Even if you’re not planning a trip to Italy, though, learning Italian can still be a great experience. The language is beautiful and relatively easy to learn, and it can open up a whole new world of literature, art, and film.

A degree in Italian may not be for you if you are not interested in learning about the culture and the language.

Best schools for Italian

  • University of Oxford
  • University of Cambridge
  • University College London
  • SOAS University of London
  • King’s College London

Courses related to Italian

  • Italian Studies
  • European Studies
  • Politics
  • International Relations
  • History

Related jobs

  • Translator
  • Interpreter
  • Italian Teacher
  • Tour Guide
  • Travel Agent
  • Hotel Manager

The average salary for graduates of Italian

Graduates of Italian degrees should expect to make, on average, £23,000 in their first year out of university. This is in line with the average graduate salary in the UK. However, experienced professionals who are fluent in Italian can expect to earn significantly more. A survey by the Association of Language Testers in Europe found that Italian speakers with five years or more of experience earn, on average, £37,500 per year.

Ideal personality needed to study Italian

The ideal personality type to study Italian would be someone who is patient, detail-oriented, and good at memorization.

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