PA vs Doctor Pay Response

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This post has been adapted from a comment submission in response to – Why Physician Associates are paid more than doctors

1. PAs although they paid more than F1s and F2 and maybe some ST1s, they’re salary does not go up as much as a doctors salary does.
2. A MSc in physician associate – 2 years degree is not the same as an MBBS. It’s not ‘more pressure’ to master medicine because it is not a medical degree! It is not comparable at all! The most intense and compressed medical degree is actually the Graduate entry route which is 4 years!!!
3. PAs make less mistakes? Please provide hard comparable good evidence for this baseless claim. Doctors have more responsibilities and make more decisions.
I could go on ..overall this is a poorly-written article with ridiculous claims.

– student submission / student status unknown

woman throwing confetti

As a student, you must endeavor to find the best option/career path!

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