Study Jewish Studies to Uncover the Mysteries of the Past and Present!

A degree in Jewish Studies offers students the opportunity to explore the history, culture, and religion of the Jewish people. The programme provides a solid grounding in the Hebrew Bible, the Talmud, and other key texts, as well as Jewish history, thought, and practice. Students will also have the chance to study the Holocaust and the modern state of Israel.

If you want to know if Jewish Studies is the right degree for you, read on.


A Jewish Studies degree in the UK will typically cover the history, culture, and religion of the Jewish people. It will also explore the Jewish experience in different parts of the world.

Topics You Might Encounter

  • The Holocaust
  • The State of Israel
  • The Talmud
  • The Torah
  • Jewish History

Should you study Jewish Studies

you should definitely consider it if you are interested in Jewish history, culture, or religion. The study of Jewish Studies can encompass a wide range of topics, from history and politics to literature and art. Whether you want to learn more about your own Jewish heritage or explore the Jewish experience in other parts of the world, Jewish Studies is a fascinating and rewarding field of study.

you have no interest in the Jewish religion.

Best schools for Jewish Studies

  • University of Oxford
  • University of Cambridge
  • University College London
  • King’s College London
  • SOAS University of London

Courses related to Jewish Studies

  • BA in Jewish Studies from the University of London
  • MA in Jewish Studies from the University of Manchester
  • MA in Holocaust and Genocide Studies from the University of Sussex
  • BA in Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Leeds
  • BA in History from the University of Sheffield

Related jobs

  • Social worker
  • Psychologist
  • Teacher
  • Rabbi
  • Holocaust educator
  • Jewish community leader

The average salary for graduates of Jewish Studies

Graduates of Jewish-Studies-jobs-in-England>Jewish Studies degrees should expect to make around £22,000 a year when they first enter the workforce. With experience, they can expect to make closer to £30,000 a year.

Ideal personality needed to study Jewish Studies

The ideal personality type to study Jewish Studies would be someone who is interested in the history and culture of the Jewish people. They would also need to be able to read and write Hebrew, as well as have a basic understanding of the Jewish religion.

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