Should You Study Religious Studies to Prepare for the End of the World?

should you study Religious Studies?

A degree in Religious Studies offers students the opportunity to explore the origins, beliefs and practices of a wide range of religious traditions from around the world. The course also covers the social and historical context in which these traditions have developed, and the ways in which they have interacted with each other and with secular society.

If you want to know if Religious Studies is the right degree for you, read on.


A Religious Studies degree in the UK will typically cover a wide range of topics related to the study of religion. This may include the history and origins of various religious traditions, the beliefs and practices associated with them, and the ways in which they have interacted with other aspects of society.

Topics You Might Encounter

  • Religion and politics
  • Religion and violence
  • Religion and morality
  • Religion and the environment
  • Religion and education

Should you study Religious Studies

you should definitely consider it if you are interested in a career in the clergy, or if you want to learn more about the world’s religions. It is also a good choice if you are thinking of going into teaching, social work, or international relations.

A degree in Religious Studies may not be for you if you’re not interested in spending a lot of time in the library.

Best schools for Religious Studies

  • Oxford University
  • Cambridge University
  • Durham University
  • Lancaster University
  • University of Edinburgh

Courses related to Religious Studies

  • Theology
  • Christian Studies
  • Biblical Studies
  • Church History
  • Religion and Society

Related jobs

  • Clergy
  • Religious Education Teacher
  • Theologian
  • Religious Counselor
  • Missionary
  • Religious Broadcaster

The average salary for graduates of Religious Studies

Graduates of Religious Studies degrees should expect to make, on average, £26,500 in their first year out of university. This number will rise as they gain more experience, with the average salary for someone with 5-10 years of experience being £32,200.

Ideal personality needed to study Religious Studies

Someone who is interested in different cultures and religions would be ideal for studying religious studies. This person should also be open-minded and tolerant of different beliefs.

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