Overview #

Zoology is all about the study of animals! It teaches students about the amazing species we have on planet earth, and offers an engaging blend of both practical work and field-based research.

You will learn about the diversity of life, evolution and also big topics like marine biology and ecology.

Should You study #

Study this degree if you have a passion for wildlife management and conservation. You will also gain practical skills in ecology and animal husbandry which can be extremely useful in research and when taking care of animals.

This is a pretty niche role but there are definately jobs out there if you look in the right places, and for the right roles!

Don’t be shy or feel like you have to get your dream job straight away, even if it’s answering calls at a reception or assisting a researcher as an intern, these things will go a long way to land your dream job in zoology. Just get yourself out there and send emails to EVERYONE!

Related Jobs #

  • Zoologist
  • Conservation Advisor
  • Wildlife Management
  • Research Assistant

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  • Marine Biology

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