How To Choose Your Perfect Life Science University Course

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Picking the right course at university is a balancing act between choosing something that you don’t mind doing for the rest of your life, and picking something that would give you employment sooner rather than later.

In this course, we will be going through all the different degrees and life paths that life science courses offer. We will learn exactly what each degree entails, the benefits and negatives of each, which personality types excel, how easy they are relative to one another, and how easy it is to get a job and start earning an income.

This course is best suited for individuals who really have no clue what they should be studying, and simply need a push in the right direction.

You will get the added benefit of asking me any questions directly for advice on which course is best for you!

This is a miniscule investment in the grand scheme of things as it could be the difference between you choosing a dead-end course or a course that will determine your future in a big way! Let’s begin to make smart university choices, and once enrolled, please ask lots of questions!

Topics for this course

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In this introduction, you can get a feel for what this course will entail.
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An array of courses to consider!1:05
Keep an open mind0:46

Biomedical Science?

Learn the ins and outs biomedical science and where it can take you!


Learn about Biochemistry and what it can lead to!


Learn about Biology and what a future with this course entails!

Pharmacology and Pharmacy?

Learn the difference between these often confusing subjects and what the job prospects are like!


Learn what Biotech entails and what the job prospects are like!

Biomedical Engineering?

Learn what Biomedical Engineering is and what the job prospects are for prospective graduates!

Speech and Language and Occupational Therapy?

What do these courses entail and what exactly does the job role involve? find out now!


Often forgotten, find out what this course entails and what the job prospects are!

Agricultural Science?

Learn about the ins and outs of this overlooked course!

Further Course Exploration?

Let's explore more options that can lead to fruitful careers and gainful employment!


Ask Me Anything!?

This is the section of the course where you post comments and questions about life paths and what exactly you should be pursuing!

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