5 Common Clinical Psychology Interview Questions and Answers!

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As a student interested in the social sciences, you may be interested in pursuing a career in clinical psychology.

Here are some common interview questions you are likely to encounter when you apply to any clinical psychology role!

5 Common interview questions

What inspired you to become a clinical psychologist?

Example Answer: I’ve always had a strong desire to be of service to people and a fascination with how the mind functions. Throughout my undergraduate studies, when I was exposed to the discipline through courses and study, clinical psychology caught my attention in particular.

I learned that clinical psychology would allow me to use my inherent capacity for comprehending and empathizing with others’ experiences to assist people to enhance their mental health and wellness.

What experience do you have working with diverse populations?

answer: I have dealt with people from a wide spectrum of cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds during my clinical training and practice.

I treat every client with cultural humility, mindful of how important it is to recognize and respect their individual experiences and viewpoints. I also regularly look for opportunities for training and ongoing education to better prepare me to work productively with a variety of communities.

What types of therapies are your areas of expertise?

this is dependent on your area of expertise.

Here is an example answer:

“Many evidence-based treatment techniques, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapy, and acceptance and commitment therapy, have been introduced to me through my training and practice.”

“I use an integrative strategy that incorporates several modalities because I think that treatment should be customized to match the unique requirements and preferences of each client.”

Can you describe a particularly challenging case you’ve worked on?

This is a common question often asked in most job interviews!

Example Answer: I once had a client who was having terrible anxiety and panic episodes, which were making it difficult for her to go about her everyday activities. She had attempted to get help from various mental health specialists in the past, but she had failed.

We were able to assist her in managing her symptoms and creating coping mechanisms through a combination of cognitive-behavioral therapy and exposure treatment. It was difficult, but also very satisfying to watch her make strides and take back control of her life.

How do you approach developing a treatment plan for a new client?

Example answer: I collaborate with each client to understand their specific goals and concerns when developing a treatment plan. I carry out a full examination, learning about their background, symptoms, and current functioning as well as any pertinent contextual or cultural information. I then collaborate with the client to create a treatment strategy that is supported by research, realistic, and in line with their preferences and goals.


In summary, to prepare for a clinical psychology interview, you must review and practice enough questions that are likely to come up!

It is important to note that the type and style of the interview are highly dependent on the job setting, employer, and requirements of the job, i.e remote, on-site etc.

For 20+ questions AND answers considering all the different job settings, and descriptions, consider reading the Clinical Psychology Interview Pack!

Also, consider reading – How to Become a Clinical Psychologist if you are interested in this career – this includes the different routes to take and the possibility of practicing abroad!

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