What is The Best Beats Solo Pro Colour To Buy?

What is The Best Beats Solo Pro Colour To Buy?

Whether you’re super indecisive or you’re worried about your beats getting dirty easily, choosing the right colour for your headphones can be an unusually tough decision.

You must weigh which colour best suits your personal style choices, use cases, and clothing pallet, while still considering the longevity of the headphones.

It is well known that lighter coloured headphones will get dirtier easier, despite their fresh and clean looks at purchase.

Which colours will enhance your style and stay for the long run, and which colours will need a good cleaning and earpad change after a few months of use, or heavy gym attendance?

Let’s find out!

This post cover headphones in the Beats Solo Pro lineup but the colour guide applies to all previous beats and upcoming ones.


All versions of the new beats solo pros are built with rigidity and durability in mind! The new beats solo pros headphones are very sturdy and are massively stronger than the previous solo 3s.

The solo 3s were a brilliant pair of headphones, and my personal pair lasted well over 3 years, however, the new solo pro’s are matte in complexion, so they don’t show grease as much, and they are incredibly comfortable once broken in.

The earpads are incredibly soft, and the extending mechanism works very well to fit all head sizes!

I am personally most impressed by its pairing ability with my iPhone! All one must do is open the headphones and they pair automatically!

I was greatly surprised by the noise cancellation features since these are on-ear headphones, however, they are amazing and truly cut out a significant portion of background noise.

Transparency mode is also a godsend!

Let’s find out which colour you should go for!

Black Beats

Balck Beats – The OG

Matte black beats have a beautiful and natural look when you wear them! They are the original colour and most popular version for beats audiophiles to purchase.

They keep a low profile while still looking extremely stylish and sleek, with the added benefit of not showing dirt very easily!

Grease marks may show depending on how often you clean them, however, in my experience, they still look amazing when grease stains appear, and they are never overly visible or standing out when they do because the headphones are so beautiful!

Of course, they can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Get these if you wear dark clothing a lot, and want to maintain a lower profile while still keeping incredibly stylish.

They are also especially brilliant for the gym since you can easily wipe away sweat marks, and dead skin won’t visibly dirty up the cuffs over time.

Grey Beats

Grey Beats – Simple Yet Stylish

These are new colours for the beats lineup. Never have beats ever released a grey colour like this, and it looks absolutely stunning!

It’s funny that beats market this as ‘grey’, because they are anything but!

They are more like a darker ivory colour, and they have a very nice feel to them!

If the black beats are too dark and monotone, and you want something that screams style, but is still relatively low profile, these are the ones to go for!

They are as beautiful as the Ivory headphones, however, they are lower profile and they won’t visibly stain badly due to their darker colour.

These are the second most popular headphones you’ll see people sporting in the beats solo pro lineup so if you wanted something unique, you may have to get another colour that is rarer.

Ivory/White Beats

Ivory – Classy and Elegant

MY personal favourites, the Ivory whites are in my opinion, the most beautiful beats ever released!

The wonderful off-white colour mixed with the elegant gold trims makes this look like headphones fit for kings and queens!

The only downside is if you are planning on using it to the gym, jogging, or anything really, expect the inside cuff to stain over time.

This is especially true if your ears generate a lot of sweat and wax.

The great thing is, it is relatively pain-free to replace cuffs with genuine beats earpads. You may risk damage to your headset and will certainly void any warranties if you choose to do this.

Red Beats

Red – The bold beats!

Some people just love red!

And for good reason, these beats are truly eye-catching.

If you love wearing red or black and want to look like a style muse while you go about your daily lives, these are the headphones for you!

Light Blue Beats

Light Blue – Playful and Gentle

These have never been my favourite looking headphones due to their toyish nature, however, this playful shade of blue may actually be the perfect headphones for you!

They are more of a personality statement than anything else, so if you have a playful side, and aren’t too fussed about looking like America’s next top model, this is exactly what you need!

They are eye-catching enough to turn heads, and they are friendly enough to attract the ladies, for all those eligible bachelors out there!

Note that they are light enough that when the inside of the earpads starts getting dark from debris, sweat stains, and dead skin, this will be noticeable!

Dark Blue Beats

Dark Blue – Low Profile Yet Colourful

These are a more serious shade of blue and are more analogous to dark headphones.

Note that in person, these headphones aren’t as dark-blue as shown in the picture, but they are dark enough where stains inside the earpads remain invisible.

This is ideal for gym environments where a lower profile is needed from dark colours, however, a splash of colour is still appreciated.


Of course, your choices are subjective and based on your own preferences and styles, however, you must still consider what you want your headphones for.

Darker coloured headphones are typically more appropriate for gym-goers who want to maintain a lower profile and keep the headphones looking clean even when dirt smudges appear from the combination of sweat and dead skin.

Lighter colours make you stand out more, and despite the fact that they may look dirtier quicker, they can often elevate your outfit ad style greatly!

The beats solo Ivory is an excellent example! I personally have one and they are stunningly attractive headphones!

If ever you are conflicted between what choice of headphones to get, you can always consider getting 2 different colours and keeping one for outdoor and indoor use, or switching depending on what style you are feeling.

Obviously, if you don’t want to spend double the money, you must make a decision, or you can go for limited edition solo 3s which are equally as beautiful, and have much more stunning colour options!

Solo 3s are however slightly less sturdy than the new solo pro, however, my old pairs held up until my recent upgrade for 3 years with serious unrelenting usage!

IF you have any questions or are still unsure of what colour to buy, leave a comment below and I’ll try to help as best I can!

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