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How to Learn Fast for Exams – An Astonishing and Proven Method

Revision can be a mind-numbing and grueling task especially when time is of the essence and you have no time to spend reading articles and blogs (unlike this one obviously) that waffle about the usual revision techniques that you’ve heard a thousand times at school

problem of university exams

Much is required of students at university. Keeping up with and internalizing lecture material, undergoing further reading to widen knowledge, attending scheduled sessions, and ensuring you remain sane in it all. The component of organized study that students seem to dread the most, and maybe

Welcome to my blog!

Hi, and welcome to my blog! My name is Josh and I am a university student studying biomed. I created this blog to share what I have learnt so far in a (hopefully) easy to understand manner, and to simplify topics that I found difficult