Should you study Art History?

Art history is the study of art in its historical and cultural context. It covers a wide range of topics, from the history of art movements to the study of individual artists and their work. A degree in art history will give you a deep understanding of the development of art and its place in … Read more

Should you study Art?

A degree in Art will allow you to explore your creativity and develop your technical skills in a variety of mediums. You will learn how to analyse and interpret artworks, and develop your own unique style. You will also have the opportunity to study the history and theory of art, and to explore the work … Read more

Should you study Anthropology?

A degree in anthropology is the study of human societies and cultures, their past and present. It covers all aspects of human social and cultural life, from the smallest group to the largest global organisation. Anthropologists study the ways in which people live in different parts of the world, how they organise themselves into families … Read more

Should you study American Studies?

should you study American Studies? American Studies is an interdisciplinary field that examines American history, society, and culture. It encompasses a wide range of topics, including politics, economics, religion, literature, art, and music. American Studies programs offer a unique perspective on the United States and its place in the world. UK students who are interested … Read more