How To Still Become A Doctor Without Going To Medical School

In many societies becoming a doctor is seen as a very prestigious passageway into earning lots of money and being socially respected. This makes it a challenging degree to get accepted into in the first place because so many people are applying which drives up the competition greatly. Typically, to become a doctor, you would … Read more

50 Science GK Biology Questions and...
50 Science GK Biology Questions and Answer in English General Science GK Biology GK Questions

5 Amazing Reasons Why Biomedical Science is a Truly Amazing Degree To Study

Biomedical science has gotten a bad rep in the past due to the high unemployment rates that graduates face directly after leaving the course. These days, most university courses will require you to give an arm and a leg to find work directly after your undergraduate studies. This means that biomedical science has been unfairly … Read more

5 Important Tips on How To Become a Doctor After Studying Biomedical Science

It is a fact that a large proportion of students studying biomedical science eventually want to transition onto a medical program after they graduate. This doesn’t de-value biomedical science in any way, in fact, using biomedical science as a gateway course is very much encouraged by future employers since the degree on its own isn’t … Read more

5 Clear-Cut Reasons Not to Study Medicine

Medicine is a degree that is taught in about 40 UK universities. It focuses on giving students a solid foundation in treating and diagnosing illnesses via the medical model. While medicine is an incredibly amazing and rewarding career to get into, it has its numerous downsides and shortcomings. The majority of medical school applicants will, … Read more

5 Clear-Cut Reasons Not to Study Biochemistry

Biochemistry BSc is taught in most UK universities nowadays and focuses on giving students knowledge about biological macromolecules, and how they can undergo chemical and biophysical changes, enabling the body to function properly. This includes learning the basics of core organic and physical chemistry, physiology, and metabolic pathways that occur inside cells. A typical Biochemistry … Read more

Should You Study Biomedical Science Before Studying Medicine?

In the UK, students can apply to study medicine right after they finish their A levels, but all too often, aspiring medics are advised to study biomedical science before applying to become doctors. While on paper this may be a good strategy to follow because you will have background knowledge in medical sciences, in practice, … Read more

5 Honest Job Prospects After Studying Biomedical Science – Job Profile Guide

We are now in 2020 and we all know that the job prospects of a biomedical Science graduate aren’t the greatest. There seems to be a lot of misinformation, claiming biomedical science graduates can get outlandish jobs if they play their cards right. Whilst becoming a neuroscientist with a biomedical science degree isn’t technically impossible, … Read more

5 Great Reasons to Study a Biomedical science degree

5 great reasons to study biomedical science degree

Every degree comes with it’s own set of benefits and shortcomings. These are often greatly influenced by where you choose to study your degree and to what level. For the most part dedicating 3-5 years of your life to learning about a particular subject will do much more good than harm in the long run. … Read more

5 Clear-Cut Reasons Not to Study Biomedical Science

5 clear-cut reasons not to study biomedical sciences

Biomedical science is taught in about 90 UK universities. It focuses on giving students experience in a lab whilst still providing background knowledge of the biology behind the inner workings of the human body. This includes learning in detail about the cause of human disease, how underlying mechanisms of disease produce symptoms, and overall how … Read more

6 Deadly Side Effects of Energy Drinks on The Heart

side effects of energy drinks on the heart

The heart is arguably the most important organ of the body so what happens when we pump our system full of energy drinks? This article will outline 6 deadly side effects of energy drinks on the heart. Research has shown that there may be some deadly side effects of energy drinks on the heart. Energy … Read more