3 Disheartening Reasons to Avoid Studying Healthcare Courses Amidst the Coronavirus Crisis!

3 Disheartening Reasons to Avoid Studying Healthcare Courses Amidst the Coronavirus Crisis!

The coronavirus pandemic has taken everyone by surprise. In only a few month’s daily living has been drastically affected to the point where people fear even stepping outside their homes.

We all know there is an elephant in the room; It’s the way the government is treating the health-workers risking their lives to treat members of the public.

We all know health-workers have incredible compassion and they chose to work in this field, but there is a line between compassion and simply taking advantage of worker’s!  

Why you probably shouldn’t apply for health courses this year

This concerns all patient-facing courses.  If the government handling of the pandemic is any indication of what you’re in for, you should steer well away from applying to degrees like medicine, dentistry, nursing, physician associate, and the like.

Heath workers have recently been treated as disposables

It is very disheartening for me to write this.

As someone with a background in biomedical science, and someone who has enjoyed delivering care to vulnerable individuals in the past it pains me to steer people away from the life sciences and medical courses.

However, if one values their health and right to choose a career that aligns with their self-interests, one may strongly consider looking elsewhere. At least until our government gets its affairs in order.

According to the BBC, Reports are now surfacing about the government (UK) instructing health workers, doctors, and nurses alike to keep the PPE shortage and the death of their fellow colleagues under wraps.

Claiming it was to “not cause a fuss” for members of the public.

This, however, is an elaborate tactic to give the illusion that there is no PPE shortage, and health workers are as safe as they can possibly be, despite the fact that in the UK alone, over 100 health worker deaths have already been “reported”.

People are dying! Doctors, consultants, GPs, nurses and care workers are falling victim to the virus and its poor handling by the people in charge.

The government deems it ok to respond by subtly preventing workers from alerting their concerns to members of the public. How is that ok?

If you don’t want to be apart of a regime that suggests PPE is being wasted or abused by health workers, steer clear and find an alternative line of work. More on this at the end.

PPE is not a luxury, it’s a necessity when working with potentially infectious individuals.

Anyone with experience caring for sick individuals, or just anyone with a reasonable mind for that matter knows that if you come in contact with bodily fluids, it’s in your best interest to always be wearing protective equipment.

PPE is not a luxury, it’s an absolute necessity. Even more so amidst a raging global pandemic!

Hospitals would have been decimated on the advice of the chief medical officers.

It’s no surprise that the UK is now leading the COVID-19 death-toll in Europe. They are probably leading the world if you calculate deaths as a ratio of population.

The original stance of the prime minister and his chief medical advisers was to let the virus rage through the population so the country can achieve herd immunity first.

The world closed their borders and watched the UK’s death-toll skyrocket.

The government took no responsibility, claiming that the lower death rates in other countries, including third world countries was because they weren’t at the same point on the curve as them.

Little did they know some countries wouldn’t even seen a curve let alone as steep as the UK’s.

People like to push the blame and responsibility on the WHO, forgetting that the UK blatantly ignored advise from the World Health Organisation.

The government ignores advise from medical professionals and instead relies on economists and politicians

According to the British Medical Journal, “On 24 February, there were nine confirmed cases of covid-19 in the UK.

On the same day, the World Health Organization recommended countries outside China with imported cases or outbreaks “prioritize active, exhaustive case finding and immediate testing and isolation, painstaking contact tracing and rigorous quarantine of close contacts.”

The lockdown was only put in place a full month after these initial advisements by the WHO, who by the way cannot force countries to impose trade and movement restrictions, as this is the job of the government running the country.

Following the original plan of achieving herd immunity with a LIVE DISEASE would have meant a nation-wide depopulation of millions.

Whether this was the goal of the government is unknown, however without doctors and nurses TALKING and raising their concerns, we wouldn’t have been able to hold the politicians accountable, and there might have been way more deaths without the lockdown.

Now they are trying to take the right of free speech away from health workers.

Their tactic is to do it in an indirect manner where nothing is mandated, however, “making noise” about the PPE shortage, and the looming death-toll numbers for members of public and health workers will incur disciplinary actions in the form of being blacklisted from various NHS trusts if you happen to lose your job in extreme cases.

Steer clear for the time being is my advice to you.


If you would like to work for a government that prioritises advise from politicians who, prior to the virus, probably thought a ventilator was something you pumped a balloon with, by all means apply for medicine, dentistry, nursing, and PA jobs.

If, however you have some respect for your body and your health, there is a myriad of ways you can help people without drastically putting your own health at risk.

There are many other jobs and courses that value your health and wellbeing! Check out this list I’ve put together for alternative science/health courses (ignore nursing on list 😁) or look through this list of non-patients facing courses.

If you are still unsure about which courses to study, consider checking out my short course where I walk you through several life sciences courses and which ones to study in the future!

Stay safe, aim high.

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