Why asking Someone For Their Pronouns Might Be Rude

In response to the rise in transgender awareness, people are being increasingly asked to share their pronouns.

However, it might actually be rude to ask someone for their pronouns in certain situations.

If you’re asking a person’s pronouns, it implies that you think that they might be transgender, or that they don’t look or sound like their preferred gender.

You wouldn’t ask someone for their pronouns in a casual conversation, so why would you do it in a formal one?

There are some situations where it’s appropriate to ask someone for their pronouns, such as when you’re meeting them for the first time, or when you’re in a professional setting.

But in general, it’s best to avoid asking for someone’s pronouns unless you have a good reason to do so.

Read more about using pronouns in the workplace and educate yourself about pronouns in general in order to develop better working relationships, and be more sensitive toward people’s individual preference.

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