Should You study Sport and Exercise Nutrition?


This degree is all about learning what it takes for an athlete to perform at their peak. It is also about the different aspects of keeping fit, and what may go wrong when the body isn’t performing at optimal capacity.

You body is essentially the greatest machine we know, and this degree aims to teach you its secrets of how to improve its performance.

Should You study

If you are an athlete with a passion for training your own or someone else body, you should strongly consider this degree. It will lead you down the pathway of nutrition, health promotion or personal trainer. You may even find yourself working in public health research.

Expect to spend many years studying however if you want to consider research, or consider going into teacher training afterwards. Somewhat competitive as many people study this course and aim to go into teaching so keep this in mind. With dedication, you won’t struggle to find work!

If your aims are to go into personal training, a college course might better suit you! they are far cheaper and you will likely qualify with sufficient trainer hwere you won’t need to do any extra courses!

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As a student, you must endeavor to find the best option/career path!

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