Music Production


When you have a passion for music, it’s hard to decide whether to leave it as a passion or take it to the next level with formal study. This degree aims to help you do the latter!

You will learn how to properly channel your creativity and do things with best practice. It’s often the case that musicians are self taught so going through formal training helps to enrich a musicians technique and musical experiences to hopefully improve their employment in the future!

Expect a very rigorous syllabus since music production is so broad! You will often learn things like studio techniques, composition, live music and musical histories.

Should You study

Study this degree if you want to make your music skills more ‘proper’. For employment you will need to know how to properly read, write, transcribe, and play music to a certain standard. Self taught players likely won’t achieve this on their own. the music scene is competitive enough, this will likely give you a well needed boost for whatever role you are vying for.

Of course, there are some roles where a formal degree might actually hurt your chances of employment, and simply making your own name for yourself might be your best option. But this is usually not the case.

While music and music production are 2 different things, they share alot of similar modules. You may be better suited to a general music degree if your focus isn’t on production.

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As a student, you must endeavor to find the best option/career path!

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