Should You Study Game Design?


Often an overlooked degree, but now becoming increasingly popular, game design offers students the possibility of becoming game developers and game testers once they graduate.

This degree isn’t a computer science degree, but there will be a strong programming component to the course. There is also a strong design component to the course.

Expect to learn modules like Asset design, Game enginges, intro to animation, and a team project.

Should You study

If you have aspirations of becoming a game designer, VFX artists or 3D artist you should consider this degree strongly! While employers might first want someone with a computer science background, they may actually prioritise game design graduate if they are looking for a designer!

Basically, if you are an amazing designer and want some credibility behind your name, go for this degree, otherwise, you might actually be better off with a comp sci degree for employability! Also, do some research into universities that offer computer science for games development!

Besides the gaming industry (which is growing at an alarming rate), the VFX industry is also booming which this degree is perfect for!

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As a student, you must endeavor to find the best option/career path!

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