Should You Study Earth Science?


Earth science, not to be confused with something like geography is all about how the earth work, and all the forces and structures that govern its existence!

You are essentially training to be a geoscientist, and will be concerned with things like sustainability and the future of our planet!

You will also learn about soil quality and how to extract meaningful data from the ground itself!

There are certainly some similarities between geography and this course however you will be more focused on topics like petrology, sedimentary rocks and fossiles, and also geological maps and structural data!

Should You study

If you enjoy thinking about the sustainability of planet earth and learning about geological maps and structures, your first point of contact should ideally be in geography. However, if you want aa more nuanced look at things, a degree in earth science might be exactly what you need!

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  • Consulting (environmental)
  • Surveying
  • Engineering
  • Renewable energy (< – Watch for the future!)
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As a student, you must endeavor to find the best option/career path!

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