British Politics and Legislative Studies


With this degree, you will gain some knowledge on the UK system of politics, and be able to apply it to current and real world scenarios. Such a degree would likely offer placements in various political services such as parliament in Westminster.

You will be considering such a course if you want a career in parliament in the future.

Should You study

A lot of individuals who currently work in westminster have actually gone through the ‘British Politics and Legislative Studies’ degree from universities like Hull. They are now known as the ‘Hull Mafia’. So if you want to join this elite group, and see a future in politics consider studying the degree!

Best Schools

  • Hull University

Related courses

  • History and Politics
  • Law with Politics
  • Politics
  • Philosophy

Related Jobs

  • Policy Officer
  • Politician’s Assistant
  • Public Affairs Consultant
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As a student, you must endeavor to find the best option/career path!

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