Biomedical Science

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Biomedical science is usually a 3 year degree that aims to give students knoledge and expertise on what it’s like to work in a biomedical laboratory. The degree also aims to teach students core human biology principles, mixed in with core medical principles.

It’s truly an amazing degree that provides you will all the knowledge you need to work in either a laboratory, biological research, genetics, microbiology, biochemistry and even medical field!

The course content is so wide and deep that most students find everything overwhelming especially in the second year. This is expected as it opens so many doors but at the expense of providing students too much information.

You will encounter modules like biochemistry, cell structure and function, genetis, microbiology, immunology, haematology, human physiology and professional skills as a biomedical scientist!

Should You study

Whether you want to become a doctor, nurse or scientist researcher, biomedical science is a great way to start your journey! You can even become a physician associate 2 years after studying biomedical science. There are also new 2-year nursing programs for biomedical science graduates coming out.

Biomedical science also makes it easier to enrol on 4 year accelerated medical programs.

Truly a universal degree!

You can even get a job straight after graduating but don’t expect any of this to be an easy process. Thousands of students graduate with biomedical science degrees every year and all of them are competing for the same things you’re vying for!

Also, don’t get too concerned about accreditation when applying to biomedical science universities. You are more likely to find work easier by going to a top university without accreditation (usually Russell group) than applying for a lesser university with lower entry requirements that offers accreditation.

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  • Healthcare Scientist/ Biomedical Scientist (IBMS Route)
  • Medical Research Scientist (Academic Route)
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As a student, you must endeavor to find the best option/career path!

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