Three genuine reasons why I loved studying my biomedical science degree

While in the past I may have written many negative things about my experiences studying biomedical science, my general outlook on the degree has never been totally cynical! Having been out of the degree for several years now, I have had some time to reflect on my biomedical science experiences. This has led me to … Read more

Mechatronics and Robotics

Overview Interested in drones, unmanned tech and robotic electronics? This could be the course for you! You will study modules like programming algorithms, mathematics and applied physics, object-oriented programming, digital logic design! Should You study Study this if you have a passion for programming but also want to combine this with knowledge of electronics and … Read more

Biomedical Engineering

Overview Biomedical engineering, like the name suggests is a cross between biomedical science and engineering. You are essentially using your knowledge of mechanical engineering to apply core principles to biological structures and tissue. You role once graduated will likely be in the field of developing medical devices for example prosthetics or regenerative medicine (grafts, stem … Read more

7 Amazing Public Health Jobs You Can Get After Getting an MPH Master’s Degree

Public health is an extremely rewarding field to work in! Life-saving decisions are made by public health professionals around the world. Decisions that influence populations and hopefully make the world a better and healthier place. An MPH is often the starting point for a career in public health, although work experience can lead you down … Read more

5 Highly Profitable Alternatives to Studying Biomedical Science: A Complete Guide

Whilst Biomedical Science might seem like a useful degree to have, its lack of vocational specificity means you might end up graduating with essentially a glorified high school biology education. This is not to say it is entirely meaningless, as when combined with the right master’s program, you can further your knowledge and land yourself … Read more

5 Honest Job Prospects After Studying Biomedical Science – Job Profile Guide

We are now in 2020 and we all know that the job prospects of a biomedical Science graduate aren’t the greatest. There seems to be a lot of misinformation, claiming biomedical science graduates can get outlandish jobs if they play their cards right. Whilst becoming a neuroscientist with a biomedical science degree isn’t technically impossible, … Read more

5 Guaranteed Masters Degrees You Can Do after Studying Biomedical Science

5 Guaranteed Masters Degrees You Can Do after a Biomedical Science Degree

Chances are you initially chose to study biomedical science so you can study postgraduate medicine afterwards. After the harsh realisation that postgraduate medicine is very hard to get into, you’re now looking for other options. Whether or not this is you, you’re in luck because the right master’s degree can make your fairly meaningless degree … Read more