5 Clear-Cut Reasons To Avoid Studying Nutritional Science Degrees

There are a few things to consider before you decide to study nutritional science. How saturated is the job market? competition, and pay? Let us consider these. 1. The Job Market Is Saturated As a nutritional science graduate, your job prospects are relatively limited without doing another qualification or masters. You may work as a … Read more

4 Smart Ways To Fund Your PhD Studies!

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There are a lot of different ways to fund your PhD studies, and it can be tough to decide which one is right for you. Here are 4 new ways to fund your PhD studies that you may not have considered before. 1. Why a PhD? There are many reasons why someone might choose to … Read more

Three genuine reasons why I loved studying my biomedical science degree

While in the past I may have written many negative things about my experiences studying biomedical science, my general outlook on the degree has never been totally cynical! Having been out of the degree for several years now, I have had some time to reflect on my biomedical science experiences. This has led me to … Read more

5 Brutally Honest Reasons Why people regret studying for a PhD

More and more students are deciding to enrol on doctoral programs in order to enhance their skills, employability, knowledge and earning potential. Here are five reasons why people regret studying for a PhD. The job search isn’t much easier Often students believe that the higher their educational attainment, the easier and more available jobs will … Read more

6 Genuine Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Bother Going to Medical school!

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While it’s clear that parents usually want the best for their children, medical school really isn’t for everyone even if your parents think you should apply. Let’s be honest, thousands of people choose to apply for medicine every year but the vast majority of applicants will fail to even secure an interview let alone get … Read more

Business Management

Overview This degree is all about gaining a solid foundation in setting up and running a successful business. A truly relevant degree if you have a natural entrepreneurial mind, you will learn through placements, internship and practical projects about how a good business is managed! You will study modules like marketing, accounting and finance, and … Read more

Business Economics

Overview With this degree, you will study modules like introduction to economics, accounting and finance, world economy and qunatitative methods. In essence, you will be conbining economics with business decisions made today! Should You study If you enjoy modules about accounting and finance, the world economy and public policy, you should definitely consider economics! You … Read more

5 Clear Reasons Why Geography Isn’t as Useless as You Think!

These days the majority of undergraduate degrees are only effective when combined with postgraduate studies, allowing students a fighting chance at the job market. Geography isn’t very different; however, it places you in a unique position to pursue a variety of different life paths due to the solid foundation of transferable skills you gain as … Read more