Top 3 Physician Associate Interview Questions To Practice!

With the events of the pandemic, the majority of physician associate interviews are now held remotely. Usually, some PA schools adopt an MMI style of interviews similar to what medical school students have to take. MMIs are quite difficult to coordinate through a video call especially if there are tens or hundreds of students to…

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side effects of painkiller overdose

4 worrying side effects of painkiller overdose

Paracetamol, ibuprofen and aspirin are common painkillers known to everyone with a tendency for headaches, back pains and other ailments. Studies have shown that the average Briton takes 373 painkillers a year. With so many people taking these drugs at a rate above what is considered safe, you have to query what is actually happening when you take painkillers even when you feel no pain.

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young female friends communicating using sign language in library

What is Modern Languages BA Like at University? | Atypical Degrees

This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series Atypical Degrees

In an increasingly globalized world, the ability to communicate across borders and bridge cultural gaps has become a vital skill. While many students are aware of the benefits of pursuing traditional degrees, such as business or engineering, there is a lesser-known and often underrated field of study that holds immense value – Modern Languages. A…

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Welcome to my blog!

Hi, and welcome to my blog! My name is Josh and I am a university student studying biomed. I created this blog to share what I have learnt so far in a (hopefully) easy to understand manner, and to simplify topics that I found difficult at some point in my studies. I also occasionally share…

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University Students Cost of Living Crisis | University News

A recent study conducted by the Russell Group Students’ Unions, representing 24 prestigious higher education institutions in the UK, has revealed that one in five students at these universities are contemplating dropping out due to the cost of living crisis. The research highlights the severe impact of soaring prices on students, particularly those from disadvantaged…

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7 Amazing Public Health Jobs You Can Get After Getting an MPH Master’s Degree

Public health is an extremely rewarding field to work in! Life-saving decisions are made by public health professionals around the world. Decisions that influence populations and hopefully make the world a better and healthier place. An MPH is often the starting point for a career in public health, although work experience can lead you down…

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