10 of The Most Important Physician Associate Interview Questions You Might Be Asked!

The physician associate course is an amazing opportunity to work alongside doctors and other healthcare professionals in a patient facing environment.

Physician associates increase the number of healthcare professionals working to see and treat patients, while offering a more stable presence in clinic, outpatient centres, and wards than locum or trainee doctors.

As such, the physician associate program is an incredible opportunity to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable and sick individuals, while making lots of money in the process!

The physician associate interview

the interview for a physician associate course can take many forms. In recent years, more universities have adopted the MMI (multiple mini interviews) style that medical students have to take, while others have chosen to stick with or switch to the usual panel interviews.

I have written a post that covers three of the most important PA interview questions you could be asked.

We also provide an interview pack containing 21 real physician associate interviews (and 6 bonus questions), with expected answers so you know exactly what to say!

10 most important questions you might be asked in a Physician associate interview

Here are 10 questions you should definitely be practising to prepare for your physician associate interview.

  1. Introduce yourself and tell us why you want to enrol on the physician associate program
  2. What makes you unique as a candidate and stand out from the rest of the cohort?
  3. Why aren’t you applying for medicine, nursing, or another allied healthcare profession?
  4. what is more important to you, money, or providing good care to patients?
  5. Tell us what you know about the physician associate role
  6. How does the physician associate role differ to other conventional medical roles
  7. What is the importance of physician associates, and what is their role in the growing healthcare needs of the population?
  8. How can physician associates remain professional and uphold the values of the profession?
  9. What does the day-to-day of a physician associate entail, and what roles could they be apart of in the future?
  10. What questions do you have about this interview, and do you have anything else to add?

These are some of the most important physician associate interview questions you will be asked in both panel and MMI style interviews.

Remember to pick up the physician associate interview pack as it contains more questions and prepared answers that will almost certainly improve your interviewing prowess and put you miles ahead of the competition!

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